Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island and is often referred to as the “Eighth Continent”. Its exceptional fauna and flora have evolved during millions of years of isolation and of the 200 bird species regularly recorded on the island, no fewer than 140 are endemic or near endemic, including 5 endemic bird families! However, the wonder of Madagascar extends well beyond its avifauna; this “laboratory of evolution” teems with unique wildlife including over 100 species of amazing lemurs, colorful chameleons, outlandish insects and fascinating flora.

Rockjumper’s 3-week Madagascar Comprehensive birding tour offers an all-encompassing overview of this remarkable island. We visit key habitats, ranging from the deciduous woodlands of the northwest, to the Tolkienesque spiny forests of the south and the rainforests blanketing the island’s eastern spine. Avian highlights include the spectacular Schlegel’s Asity, Rufous-headed Ground Roller, Subdesert Mesite and Sickle-billed Vanga. We also stand a chance of encountering up to 27 lemur species, including “dancing” sifakas and the unforgettable singing of the Indri. Other highlights range from strange tenrecs to cryptic leaf-tailed geckos and the bizarre Giraffe-necked Weevil.

For our Madagascar Highlights tour we have cherry-picked the very best of Madagascar and are offering it as a shorter package. This tour still produces all 5 endemic bird families, plus an exciting selection of lemurs and other representative wildlife. Our Budget Madagascar Birding tour provides the birder with a fantastic opportunity for observing the highlights of the island’s birds and wildlife at a much reduced cost.

Madagascar’s Remote North - Pochard & Endangered Endemics tour is an “off-the-beaten-track” birding adventure in search of some of the world’s rarest birds. We will visit isolated lakes holding the last population of the recently rediscovered Madagascar Pochard and the lowland rainforests of the Masoala Peninsula where the outrageous Helmet Vanga occurs. Other targets include Sakalava Rail, Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Red Owl and Slender-billed Flufftail. We now offer the chance of locating every single Malagasy endemic with the introduction of our brand new Tsingy Wood Rail Extension. This short venture into a bizarre tsingy (razor-sharp limestone karst) formation gives an excellent chance of finding this new addition to the ever-growing Madagascar bird list. This area is also famous for its lemurs, of which the localized Decken's Sifaka is the most notable. (Please note: this tour is only offered as a private departure. For further information, contact our Customs Tours department on 

Our Masoala Extension takes us to this little-explored and extremely beautiful part of the island, which protects Madagascar’s last remaining extensive area of lowland rainforest and harbors some very special and exotic birds and mammals. Targets include the fabulous Helmet and rare Bernier’s Vanga, Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Red Owl, Brown Mesite and Red-breasted Coua, while mammalian possibilities include the beautiful Red Ruffed Lemur and a wealth of other exciting species. (Please note: this tour is only offered as a private departure. For further information, contact our Customs Tours department on 

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