The re-emergent central Mozambique region provides a treasure chest of sought-after avian gems. The birding is not only diverse, but particularly important to many Southern African birders, holding a number of rare or hard to find regional specialities. Rockjumper Birding Tours has obtained exclusive access to one of Southern Africa’s most important birding sites – Coutadas 11 and 12. Situated just south of the Zambezi Delta, this vast expanse of incredibly diverse habitat, Coutadas 11 and 12 are without doubt one of the most reliable sites in Africa to find the mega African Pitta. Combined with an exceptional supporting cast that includes Thick-billed and Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo, East Coast Akalat, Livingstone’s Flycatcher, Black-and-white (Vanga) Shrike-Flycatcher, White-chested Alethe, Black-headed Apalis, Chestnut-fronted Helmetshrike, both Speckle-throated and Green-backed Woodpeckers, Plain-backed, Western Violet-backed and Neergaard’s Sunbird, Red-winged Warbler, Red-throated Twinspot and Lesser Seedcracker, this tour will fully augment even the largest Southern African list. We will also spend a day outside the Coutada targeting the rarely seen Bohm’s Bee-eater along the Zambesi River. Wetland birding will also be a major feature and we will seek out such specials as Blue Quail, Great Snipe and Locust Finch amongst many other exciting species. Our en-suite tented camp is perfectly situated deep inside lush forest, putting us in prime position to find African Pitta and other specials right on our doorstep. While not our prime focus on this tour, the volume of mammals in the Coutadas are quite remarkable nonetheless, spanning the tiny ‘Livingstone’ Suni, through to African Elephant, with herds of many thousand African Buffalo and upwards of 150 Sable Antelope roaming the open floodplains and savanna.

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