Remote, far-flung, and with a tiny population, few places are so far away from everything as these small islands in the middle of the south Pacific. An expedition to these islands is truly a voyage to the farthest reaches of the Pacific Ocean. This region boasts a remarkable history, mouth-watering endemics, exciting sea-birding and brilliant snorkelling. Very few ships sail these waters and even fewer make the effort to track down the endemic wildlife and seabirds.

Our Tahiti, Pitcairn & Tuamotu Islands Cruise begins in Tahiti, where we search for Tahiti Monarch, Tahiti Swiftlet, Society Kingfisher, Grey-green Fruit Dove and Tahiti Reed Warbler. After boarding our vessel, we then take in the island of Pitcairn, Henderson, Oeno, Tenararo and Morane for such desirable species as Pitcairn Island and Henderson Reed Warbler, Henderson Island Crake, Stephen's Lorikeet, Henderson Fruit Dove, Tuamotu Sandpiper, Polynesian Ground Dove, Atoll Fruit Dove and Bristle-thighed Curlew. Navigating from island to island will produce spectacular seabirding that may include Murphy’s, Juan Fernandez, Henderson, Herald, Kermadec, Tahiti, Phoenix, Stejneger’s, Gould’s and Cook’s Petrels; Titan (White-bellied) and Polynesian Storm Petrels; Christmas, Wedge-tailed Shearwater and Tropical Shearwaters as well as White-tailed and Red-tailed Tropicbirds, Brown and Black Noddy’s, White and Sooty Terns, Red-footed and Masked Booby’s.

Aside from the highly sought after birds and the expeditionary feel to this tour, we will take our time to enjoy some of the picture perfect south Pacific atolls, replete with sandy beaches, picturesque lagoon and palm trees.

* Please note: these prices are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.