The tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean are situated just off the coast of north-eastern Venezuela. It is this archipelago’s unique position, combined with a mixed terrain ranging from coastal plains to mountains, which make this such a superb birding destination. Our tours cover the important sites of these beautiful islands utilising good accommodation in prime birding habitat. Whislt the world-renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre is no longer open, we are able to access the grounds. A perfect introduction to the Neotropics for those new to the region, combined with everything the seasoned birder could want. Some of the many resident specialties we can anticipate on this adventure include a breeding colony of prehistoric-looking Oilbirds, Bearded Bellbird, the breath-taking Scarlet Ibis, Tufted Coquette and the Critically Endangered endemic Trinidad Piping Guan. Photographers should also come prepared to be overwhelmed, since not only do these islands offer an impressive diversity of colourful birds in the form of macaws, toucans, tanagers, motmots and hummingbirds, but many of the views are simply spectacular and photographic opportunities abound!

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