Few places are more exemplary of advancement and hospitality in the Arab World than the mountainous Sultanate of Oman. We we will work our way inland across red sands to the Indian Ocean coast of Oman. We then head south to the wintering grounds of millions of shorebirds at Barr al Hikkman, before turning inland traversing the “Empty Quarter” and finally ending our adventure in the Dhofar Mountains and the humid coastal plains of Salalah. This tour seeks many of the finest birds of Arabia, and some of the expected tour highlights include Persian Shearwater, Jouanin Petrel, Saunder’s and White-cheeked Tern, Crab-plover, Caspian Plover, White-tailed and Sociable Lapwing, Great Knot, Sand and Arabian Partridge, 20 plus species of raptors (always with a few surprises!), Pallid Scops Owl, Hume’s Tawny Owl, South Arabian, Variable, Red-tailed and Hume’s Wheatears, Grey Hypocolius, Dunn’s Lark, along with the likelihood of several country records and other amazing discoveries. This tour is conducted at a relaxed pace, granting us plenty of time to familiarise ourselves with the birds and, of course, to enjoy the hospitable culture of this unique and unforgettable setting.

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