Our exciting Miombo in Summer tour concentrates on the highlights of one of Africa’s most remarkable countries, offering vast areas of pristine wilderness and a great diversity of habitat. The tour visits a number of incredible sites within the country, and we will dabble in all the most important of habitats including the rich miombo woodlands, mushitus (riverine forest) and dambos (seasonally inundated wetlands). Key sites include the fabulous Victoria Falls – rightly considered one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. From there, we head to the Choma region where we can expect to enjoy a wonderful selection of birds such as the endemic Chaplin’s Barbet together with Racket-tailed Roller, Red-capped Crombec and Fülleborn's Longclaw. Next, we drive to the Zambezi Valley, specifically the thickets along the Mutulanganga and Mbendele Rivers, where the highlights might include Barred Long-tailed and Emerald Cuckoos, African Pitta, River Warbler and the endearing Livingstone’s Flycatcher. We then make our way northwards, stopping first in Forest Inn where we stand another excellent chance at finding the Black-necked Eremomela and Chestnut-backed Sparrow-weaver. Finally, we will visit two sites in the north: the vast Mutinondo Wilderness and Kasanka National Park. Here we hope to find the rare Bar-winged Weaver, Anchieta’s Barbet, Anchieta’s Sunbird, Bocage’s Akalat, Böhm's Flycatcher, Blue Quail, Chestnut-headed Fullftail and Souza’s Shrike. Who knowswe may even see a Shoebill or, should our timing be right, witness the breath-taking sight of approximately 10 million African Straw-coloured Fruit Bats leaving their roost in the world’s biggest mammal migration! We are excited to share this incredible adventure, though one of Africa’s upcoming destinations, with you! 

Our South Luangwa Birding & Big Game Extension visits this teeming reserve in eastern Zambia, famous for its magnificent game diversity and incredibly rich birdlife. We will be spending three nights in this magnificent National Park and will work the network of roads, by means of a custom-designed open-back safari vehicle, in an attempt to locate as many of the mammals and birds that inhabit this vast wilderness. Should it tickle your fancy, Luangwa National Park also offers some of the best guided walking safaris in the world allowing a far more intimate safari experience with completely safe on-foot interactions with wild Elephants and other animals.  

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